Christian Jewelry For Women – Great Ideas For Sharing the Gospel With Jewelry

Posted on January 30, 2012


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Christian jewelry for women is an awesome way to witness to your friends without saying anything. Our pastors and spiritual mentors are always telling us how we need to share the good news of the Gospel, but most of us aren’t bold about sharing our faith. In a world where more and more people are turning away from Jesus, we have to find creative ways to share our faith. Jewelry is one of the most creative ways to share our faith without having to say anything.

Wearing a cross necklace is one of the most popular ways to communicate our faith with non-verbal communication. A necklace is great when you are going into an environment where you are trying to get to know a lot of new people. Most people aren’t going to like it if you preach the gospel to them the first time you meet them, but wearing jewelry will nonverbally communicate that you are a Christian. If you wear a cross necklace, you are making a statement about your faith.

There may be some people that are offended by your jewelry, but you should not let this stop you! Many people will judge you by their first impressions of you. Even if someone is offended by your cross necklace, they will still like you if you are cordial and friendly when you talk to them. In our politically correct culture, we are way too overly concerned about offending people! Don’t worry about it! Most people are not going to judge you simply because you are wearing a cross necklace! When you purchase Christian jewelry for women, you are sharing your faith without saying anything.
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