Dress For The Successful Business Woman Within You

Posted on January 30, 2012


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When we start up our first business, or just a new business, it is always like going on a path of self-development. We leave parts of us behind, ways of thinking, things that no longer support us in getting to where we want to be. This often also means changing our wardrobe. Even at the beginning of the journey, we should start dressing to suit the place we want to arrive at and the customers we intend serving.

Wearing the same old clothes, that may even be a reflection of our struggles and over-worked situation, could even hold us back. They are not communicating who we really are within, or who we intend becoming. At the beginning of our business path, we may not even have the funds to spend on expensive looking clothes.

However, before looking at the cost, try to understand and visualize the business woman you want to project. Is she a creative person selling or teaching her art, or an authoritative business woman with a clear, dynamic appearance, or a coach with leadership qualities? If you have little experience with fashion and have perhaps been wearing casual clothes for such a long time, that you lack a feeling for the more gracious you, then try to find someone to model: someone who has the appearance you feel would be right for your professional role in life. I put the emphasis on feel, since you must be convinced that this new look is also suitable for you.
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