Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring

Posted on January 30, 2012


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Here’s a Hint… It May Not Be Gold

It has been a tradition for centuries when you get married, you place a ring on your loved ones finger. That for many years has been a gold band for men and a gold band with some sort of diamond arrangement for women. I’m guilty of it – in fact, I’ve managed to lose my original wedding band, buy another one, and then re-find my old one. But with gold trying to broach $2,000 per troy ounce, a ring that would have cost $100 just 10 years ago is now going to cost almost $800 today. Are there more cost effective options in getting rings today?

Check Out Black Hills Gold

If you are a traditionalist and want the gold rings, but just don’t feel like shelling out a fortune, try taking a look at your local retailer of Black Hills Gold. Black Hills Gold is still gold, but because it cannot be refined into the pure form of gold that most people are familiar with, it is sold at a reduced price. And because it cannot be refined all the way down because of the impurities in it, Black Hills Gold has a unique coloring to it, so that no two rings are going to be exactly alike. This method can be a way to keep the gold without keeping the price.

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