Formal Dress Suits For Women – Now a Necessity

Posted on January 30, 2012


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The variation of the formal dress suits for women is actually patterned from the men’s suits. During the 19th century, women only wore a jacket and a tie over a skirt that was made of uncomfortable and sturdy kind of fabric than everyday dresses. Though it changed, the general style of formal dress suits for women still combines the style of the men’s tailoring simplicity with a more feminine look and taste.

The simplicity in women’s dress during the 19th century made the formal dress suits for women a very popular choice and every woman got one whether she is working or not. This was a very classic choice by that time and was always on sale. This type of suit was also commonly used during traveling or during an afternoon event or even in brisk walking.

This suit was stapled inside a woman wardrobe and during 1900’s, this type of attire came on its own. Even during the constraints happening during the 1930’s, the war made women work more but curtailed dressing events during the evening. Most of the people had no money to buy gowns or had any time to look into specialty stores like petite clothing stores. Even actresses wear formal dresses in the Oscars. After the war was over, the suit still continued to be the attire for women when going to towns and as the clothes we wear became less and less formal, the suits women wore have changed and have become rather uncommon nowadays.

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