Homemade Gift Ideas for Mommy

Posted on January 30, 2012


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Moms surely appreciate receiving new bags, clothes or shoes from you. However, on her birthday, isn’t it nicer to come up with a unique gift items for mom? Maybe it is time to skip shopping in malls or shops and start coming up with homemade gift ideas for mom. Giving a personalized gift for your mom will not only allow you to save some money but more importantly, this will make your mom feel more special. She will surely be happy and proud to know that you took a time out to prepare a gift for her.

The idea of coming up with a gift that cannot be bought from stores may sound difficult but do not worry because this article will give you some examples that you can consider:
1. Paint a picture for your mom – if you are artistically inclined and you know how to draw or paint then you could paint something for your mom. You could paint her portrait, her favorite place, animals or scenery. For sure, your mom will be more than excited to hang this painting in the house. She will be more proud of you than ever. Well, expect your mom to be talking about you and the painting that you did for her in front of her friends in countless occasions.
2. Record special video greetings for her – if you are more into cameras, photography and videography then what you can prepare for your mom is a special video greeting. It is fun to create a short film about your mom or you could also record other family members’ greetings and warm wishes for her birthday. This is a great gift because she will be able to watch it over and over and for sure, she will smile again and again too.
3. Cook a meal for her – one simple yet special surprise that you can come up with for your mom is cooking a special meal for her. You should surprise her with a breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner for the whole family to celebrate her birthday. Do not forget to prepare her favorite dishes.
4. Create a scrapbook for her – another great gift for mom is a scrapbook. You should compile different pictures from your vacations, parties or other special occasions into one scrapbook. She will surely appreciate this kind of sweet gesture from you.
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