Women’s Watches – Features That Make a Truly Unique Timepiece

Posted on January 30, 2012


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Fashion and fashion accessories have always been important to the modern woman. One of the best ways to set yourself apart is to have a truly unique watch – it is both practical and stylish. However, you do not want just any run-of-the-mill timepiece, it is important to find one that is unique, stylish, and represents who you are.

There are four main features that make a watch truly unique. When mixed and matched, these features can combine to create a unique and interesting accessory. Face color, strap style, face shape and strap material each offer several options that make interesting and fashionable watches.

Face Shape and Style

Although probably not as important as the color of the watch face, the shape you choose for your watch face can make even an otherwise simple watch pop. The traditional circular watch face is still popular; however, there are now also watch faces available in ovals, rectangles and squares. If you want to be truly unique, there are also watches available in the shape of cats, or ones that are hidden inside of trendy bangles. Even the “boring” or “traditional” shapes now come in variations, such as rectangles with curved or inverted sides.

Along with the shape of the face, there is also the question of what you want on the face itself. Most fashionable watches for women have only the very basic 12 hour watch face, however some have extra dials for things such as the date (note: most of these are the more every-day or unisex watches, while the dressier fashion watches tend to stick to the plain 12-hour face). Beyond the extra dials, you need to ask yourself what type of 12-hour dial you would prefer: numbered, hashed, or hands only. Numbered dials allow for the easiest reading, with hashed dials being next easiest. The hands only dials, while classic and stylish, can be difficult to read for an exact time.
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